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Mission Vision

Whiteness History

The company started its operations as a small family business as a retail store. Now and after years of hard work, Whiteness has established itself as a brand of quality of house linen & blankets focusing on retail and wholesale in Beirut Lebanon. It became not only a stamp of quality, but also of innovation on each and every product designed carefully to seduce every taste.

More than 30 years of experience in the textile field, the company offers its customers:

  • - Expertise Business
  • - Whiteness Custom items
  • - Whiteness quick execution of orders
  • - A guarantee delivery depending on the scheduled dates
  • - A high quality products (Linen & Blankets)

Hotel Collection

Home Collection

Restaurant Collection


The company strives to offer its customers the best quality, affordable prices and better service. Its mission is to maintain trust, customer satisfaction and quality of products offered. Proud to offer products and quality services to customers, it has always been the most important factor for success and the basis of brand image. We create elegant, chic, modern and comfortable items with a wide variety of colors and tastes. We can even go further by making your dreams come true.


Our entrepreneurial achievements and reputation helped mark our signature and name in the textile industry as a manufacturer, importer, exporter and distributor of various types of linen products. Whiteness offers products according to customers' special requirements and standards for measurements, colors and embroidery.

In our showroom we have a complete range of products and services available for our retail and wholesale customers, hotels, restaurants and hospitals. They can find a wide range of finished products in addition to an unlimited number of fabrics they could choose from. Technical characteristics, design and price are carefully studied to meet your ultimate satisfaction and enable you to create your own exclusive collection.

Bed Set, Dacron Pillow, Kitchen Apron, Kitchen Towel, Bath Towel, Bed Sheet, Pillow Case, Table Cloth, NAP, Cushion Case, Quilt Case, Bed Cover, continental quilts, duvet quilts, down quilts, Baby blankets, Mattress Protectors, Beach Towels, plain towels, spa towels…